Wrestling Stance Drills - How to Train For the Proper Wrestling Stance

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In wrestling, it is very important that you have a proper stance. With the right set on wrestling stance drills you will be able to both defend yourself properly (and pretty easily, if I may add), and be able to go on the offensive at the turn of a dime. The stance will include your hand positions, and where you should place them and why. Your leg placement, which leg should be in front, and which in the back. Your posture, and other tips for making sure you can't get taken down will also be included in this article.

You will want to put both hands in front of you. Make sure you have a comfortable bend at the elbows because you don't just expose your arm to be destroyed. If your arm is all the way out you can't push him, and you have less muscles to use if you're trying to pull him in. The hands should also be very relaxed, ready to attack at any moment.

Your legs - make sure they are about should-width apart, and that you can stand comfortably. You'll want to bend them slightly, as well. My rule of thumb is if you're RIGHT handed then put your LEFT foot forward, and vice versa. However, if this doesn't feel as comfortable, then switch the legs. I'm not so picky if it's comfortable, that's not what these wrestling stance drills are about.

Okay, now you should be in a stance where your legs are bent, your hands are out in front of you, and you should be hunched over at this point. You need to kind of stick your butt out (I said kind of!), And hunching your back. Great job, here's the final step. However, there is a lot more to wrestling than just the stance, I learned that first-hand.

Keep your head looking forward, but not straight up. You always want to keep your eyes on your opponent so he can't do anything to hurt you. You can't even be looking away for a second, and you always need to be trying to win. Don't try to not lose, or else you'll never win - you'll only be on the defensive.