Update P21 – Perfecting the Process (Prophet P21 by Epicor Activant)

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What is it? This is software that many business use to run their sales, purchasing, shipping and billing functions. It requires a significant investment in time and money over many years. Pretty much, you buy into it and begin to customize it for your particular business.

With other software I'm used to typing in Php format into Google and getting a wealth of free online support. No such luck with P21. With p21 you get the manufacture's website or their user's group. With something as technical as P21 more options are needed.

Using my example of Php, if a response is too technical or if I don't like the examples then I move on to the next search result. I'm offering another option for P21 support. (Crystal Reports is somewhat supported via Google search, yet not with the Epicor / Activant modifications.)


Start Here

Step 1: Sign in to P21 and locate the Menu in the Left-hand Margin. Select Solutions Database and click on it.

Step 2: Look for File Center and click on it.

Step 3: Look for Downloads and click on it.

Step 4: Now in the Center window with the Yellow Folders look for the White Icon that is marked General Release Calendar and click on it to open.

Step 5: This is the schedule of updates and when they plan on releasing them. It is a good idea to setup a reminder to check for the next release. I use because it is free, reliable, easy to use and a noticeable lack of ad harassment.

Step 6: Proceed to open up the download folder for your next update.

Step 7: Click through until you get to the next window. The window with all of the Update Downloads and Update folders should be displayed.

Step 8: Spend some time here. Note the 6 text files and 4 folders. These will be saved or downloaded to files to one of your servers. (Note: Read through either or both of the Update Instructions which are provided. One set is for Experienced Administrators and one is the set of full instructions.)

Step 9: Determine which server the Update files get stored on. This is not necessarily a waste of time as someone may have tried to install or update to the wrong server and the files may exist on both servers. The best way to determine where the Update belongs is to find the server where Crystal Reports is installed. Chances are the Crystal Reports was not installed twice and left in place on the wrong server. Look in the folder C: Program Files (x86) Activant Prophet 21 12.0 Reports. If this folder does not exist you do not have the correct server because Crystal Reports is not installed. If the folder does exist you must look into the folder and determine by modified date if any of the programs have been updated since the install. Compare both directories by modified date. The folder with the most recent modifications has a higher probability of being the correct server. If all else fails then modify one of the forms and see which date changes.