The Dirty Dozen – 12 Nasty Fighting Techniques For Any Self-Defense Situation Book Review

By 19 lutego 2020 No Comments
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The Dirty Dozen: 12 Nasty Fighting Techniques For Any Self-Defense Situation is a simple little book containing some practical advice and techniques for self-defense. As a self-defense author and instructor myself, I found it to be a quick read based on some sound principles.

The book starts out with a brief description of some of the threats you might face, and then goes into a chapter on the winning mind. I believe this chapter, focusing on having the right attitude is one of the best chapters in the book. A person must have the proper attitude to survive an attack and be committed in executing the nasty techniques presented to stop an attacker and make it home safe.

Jordan then goes on to discuss the natural weapons we have at our disposal, which include hands, elbows, knees and feet. The next chapter focuses on targets. Mind you, these are very short chapters with just a brief overview of these areas.

Next comes the 12 techniques Jordan chose to illustrate in this book. The descriptions are short, but easy to understand. Finally, Jordan illustrates his 12 techniques with photographs in the final chapter.

This book is not a complete self-defense text, but it serves its purpose among books in a self-defense library. It does provide some very basic self-defense concepts and principles and illustrates some techniques that could be effective if properly performed. I wish it would have addressed awareness and avoidance more as a person's first line of self-protection. However, if you are like me, and enjoy studying everything you can about self-defense and personal protection, this is a quick read to add to your collection.